Here is a small list (currently in progress ) of the most commonly asked questions I have received along with the answers. If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact me.


1. Why Cant I hear anything (No sound)?

Currently i’m not adding sounds to my html5 projects as browser and mobile support isn’t that great but it is getting better, so currently it’s easier just to leave it out. However all my games on PC, iOS and Android have both sounds and music to complement the game.

2. Will the html5 games work on my mobile or tablet?

Yes! In fact the games will run on well on the majority of devices with browsers capable of displaying html5 content. However performance may vary. Also all my games except for Simply Kids Colouring will scale to fit your devices screen. Just navigate to the games page and enjoy.

3. Can I use your games on my website?

Yes and no. All my html5 games are currently available for licensing, with this I can remove my own branding and include your own as well localize the game for different countries and integrate various apis if required.

4. Can you make me a custom game and how much will it cost?

Yes I am able to create a large variety of games to an even wider a range of specifications and platforms including Android, iOS, Mac, PC (including Windows 8 store), Windows phone and Html5.